Kids today are getting to grips with new technology at an increasingly young age. Walk down the corridor of any educational establishment and you will see students glued to the screens of their phones and tablets. Digital signage software for education means you can grab their attention with beautifully designed, dynamic and interactive screens. Digital platforms are much more stimulating than dull posters and bulletin boards. The latest software even allows the students themselves to be involved in creating content, helping faculties to engage a wider audience.

Multiple Uses

We are seeing a massive increase in the use of digital signage software in schools, colleges and universities. Digital signage software is a great way for management to easily share information, make public announcements and promote planned activities. Additionally, the highly dynamic nature of the latest software enables schools to spread key values while connecting to relevant news stories, and to share social network events including sports days, parties and special activities.

Student Involvement and Privilege Settings

Digital signage for education has clearly transformed from a basic messaging tool to a highly dynamic, simple to use and interactive platform. New software provides a rich Content Management System that allows the school management, board and even students to easily communicate with their audience at the right time and place, and importantly in the right way. Careful privilege settings prevent abusive or offensive content being broadcast, which is of key significance in educational facilities. Digital signage software has a special multi-level user management and privileges mechanism. This enables flexibility over who can create content, but ensures that the school management has ultimate control over displays through a chain of approval. As such students can become involved and engaged through developing student news screens, while smart privilege settings ensure this can be done without faculty concern.

Cost Effective

In the last few years the cost of implementing digital signage has dropped dramatically. With a rise in the availability of hardware, introducing digital signage software has become an increasingly uncomplicated and attractive option. Low pricing and simplicity of set up means it is easy to understand why the numbers of schools using signage solutions is continually growing.

Smart usage of digital signage software in schools, colleges and universities will bring direct and clear value, at a limited cost. Managing digital signage, somewhat like the school newspaper or social network, is a challenge with tangible value for the students, helping them to learn key skills that are increasingly relevant in the digitalized workplace and world.