Digital Signage Dashboards

It is now clear to almost any type of organization that sharing information, KPIs (Key Performance Indicator, business status, Success and even failures is effective and even critical for the atmosphere, sense of belonging and even healthy internal competition.

The Organizational digital teams are struggling to find the right way to spread the internal communication (Sometimes referred to as I-Com team). Since employees are overloaded with all sorts of messages from E-mails (too many!) WhatsApp’s (way too many!) personal and work related, it is sometimes hard to “Catch” their attention for internal communication.

Recently, we see many Companies adopt Digital Signage as the preferred form for internal communication. In particular we spot an increasing demand for Digital Signage Dashboards presenting the Company/Organization/Group/Team status.

The Digital Signage dashboards can present Jira (Development Control tool) status for a software development team presenting the backlog development status per sprint (software development cycle) or open/fixed defects for support teams. The Dashboard can present sales status for sales teams, number of callers waiting in queue for call centers or number of items in storage, it all depends on the type of the organization and its needs.

The Digital Signage Dashboard are located in public areas and therefore do not “Consume” the regular attention from employees while concentrated in their own work.

For Stores that have physical location in addition to online sales it is very effective to present, publicly (or not), for example the Shopify Dashboard. Using this integration all new sales would automatically be displayed on the big screen in the back office of the store operator so they can be alerted to fulfill a new order they got, track the performance and share the sales team excitement.

Shopify digital signage

NoviSign digital signage software developed an off-the-shelf integration of Shopify dashboard, you can also perform other integration upon demand, with public formal API or even private proprietary APIs (given the right permissions and API exposure).

NoviSign’s Digital Signage Software platform is open and easy to implement new APIs to provide our customers the most effective I-Com tool.

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