Sometimes, one or two words in a focused message is all you need to get the potential client attention.

Digital Signage has become, in the last few years, the most common way for businesses at any size to communicate with the clients and visitors in their place of business. The digital signage rapidly spread from the big businesses into the SMB in a matter of few years, especially due to the cloud revolution and also the reduction of prices for the digital signage components (big screens, and mostly digital signage players).

Digital signage focused messageThe digital signage replaced the old traditional signs. From aspects, it is superior solution – it looks better, it is highly dynamic, it can be scheduled and location based and easily focused. The first tendency when users start using digital signage software is to add more and more information, keep it updated and continue adding more… But as you probably understand from the title, the purpose of this blog is to raise the awareness for the much simpler, yet highly effective digital signage messaging option – short and focused.

To emphasize what we mean…. Imagine walking the streets early morning, somewhat hungry. If you see a big screen with a menu board, including breakfast elements, it might grab your attention. But, if the big screen says one focused message “Breakfast Served!” followed by a nice photo of appealing breakfast plate, this will surely get your attention!

In a sense, it is like searching in google – if your result is focused, aligned with your need – the chances of you clicking it are much higher. Even if you are not sure what you are looking for, a focused, right on the spot, right on the time, dynamic digital signage simple message can cause a potential client to click (in this case, step in and look at the menu).

The focused signage does not replace the entire set of advantages that dynamic and informative digital signage messaging that the client needs to make up his mind, it is here just to initiate the engagement, and get the attention.