The fact that digital signage is one of the most effective, and therefore popular “sales promoter” at almost any size of business, is clear for more than a decade. It took some time for smaller businesses to adopt digital signage as it was perceived as a very expensive and “heavy” solution. The cost of digital signage components reduced over the years, and the cloud based software solutions for signage made it even more cost effective and simpler to implement.

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) has long-term relations with retail, and even with smaller businesses as an innovative method of creating a trigger event – from security (anti-theft) up to different sales and even fun triggers.

RFID tag in retailThe connection of digital signage and RFID is natural. The basic idea is that RFID triggers an event (i.e. lifting or moving a product) and the content of the digital sign is changing accordingly – presenting information, promoting sales and calling for action!

RFID combined with digital signage is acknowledged as a powerful and effective tool, all business leaders dealing with retail and commerce will agree. So how come we do not see it so often?

Well, let’s start by declaring that this is now changing! We can see more and more RFID plus signage implementations, in more and more domains. Yet, the RFID itself is perceived as complicated and expensive. The good news is that the RFID prices keep dropping, and one can find a great RFID tag pack in 200$ and even in less than that.

Even better news is that the implementation of digital signage software with RFID is now very simple, and RFID is yet just another widget or scheduled event.

The best proof would be the attached picture – if a product that is sold in less than 1 Euro gets RFID tag, then this means the RFID is here!