As there are many ways to skin a cat, there are many ways to describe something. An example I just ran into, few days ago, is digital signage referred to as ‘advertiser player’. At first, I thought the guy was looking for something else, but then I realized – his needs were reflected by the way he described the solution.

Small and medium businesses use digital signage in growing numbers in the past decade. The technology (mainly the SaaS/cloud) together with the drop in prices, led many SMBs to adopt digital signage. But there are other businesses that understood the potential! Real Estate management companies, local Advertisers and so on. These businesses realized that they can use digital signage as an engine for their existing business – mush more dynamic, remotely controlled, local yes high visibility!

Advertiser playerSo, instead of offering the local plumber a package of brochures to be handed out in the buildings they manage, or a small ad in the local newspaper – they can simply deploy digital signage screens around the location they have impact on – and start monetizing it!

They simply call it “advertiser players” – and you know what? They are right! Digital signage software for them is more of an ‘infotainment’ tool, the advertiser player is exactly what they are looking for to ramp up their business!

These businesses are looking for a simple to use CMS (Content Management System) with automated capabilities, strong and effective management tools with content measuring capabilities as a must! With a cost effective yet reliable advertiser player to be deployed across the venue/neighborhood/town. Once the network is deployed, it can be used for local to local engagement of advertisers and potential clients!

The modern capabilities of such systems and advertiser players can also allow an easy implementation of coupons, SMS notifications and other interactive ways to introduce value to the customers.

For some businesses, digital signage is a simply an advertiser player!