Did you ever wonder how many advertising/promotion/messaging energy and cost is ‘wasted’ on the wrong audience? How many times you thought the new Black&Decker shiny tool box funny ad presented on the TV in the local nail polish saloon is wrongly directed? Advertisers are debating around this issue for decades. The technology is here, but it either expensive or difficult to implement in wide broadcast.

Digital signage software and the narrow TV broadcast, from its nature, using Targeted Audience Management tools can easily solve this problem.

At ISE2017 NoviSign introduced a unique functionality that “interrupts” a generic playlist presented on digital signage (in this case a simple Android based Samsung tablet) and targets a focused content if a person gets closer to the screen, presenting different content adjusted to the age and gender of the person. The uniqueness is not only the advanced technology, but mainly the fact it is very easy to implement, based on regular digital signage equipment and can be easily set by using the regular signage CMS.

ISE 2017 - NoviSign digital signage booth

The targeted audience capability was developed as a collaborative initiative between NoviSign, providing the digital signage platform, including the CMS, player and supporting tools and Seemetrix (By 3divi.com) that developed the advanced audience analytics application.

The integration between signage platform and audience measurement capability is not only on the level of targeted and focused content, it is also a great tool for gathering relevant stats and information about the business and from that, deriving the right decision, as an example, during the ISE show, around 80%(!) of the visitors that approached the screen were adult males. This kind of information for a business is critical. The level of stats can be easily enhanced to meet customer needs and provide other in depth analysis.

This functionality can be linked to additional trigger events such as barcode, RFID, opened refrigerator door and more.

Audience management at your business – the next generation for digital signage.