Did you ever enter a company lobby or a small business and see a big screen? Sure you had, most of the SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) are using digital Signage nowadays and certainly big corporations are using signage on screens to welcome visitors, customers and partners and to offer an interesting, relevant and fresh information about the business and other news.

In many places that use digital signage we can see a feed from social networks. Facebook is obviously one of the most popular feeds. But is Facebook presented properly on your big screen?

Well, if you are simply shooting the Facebook link on your internet page and reflecting it on your wall, you are doing it wrong!

Facebook on tv screenIn order to properly display interesting social media content on your digital signage you must use a dedicated proper CMS (Content Management System). This proper functionality will allocate the proper room for your dynamic Facebook page, making sure it looks professional. It will refresh the feed and will allow near real time updates and even direct connection to the visitors near the digital sign.

Facebook is not the only relevant social network.  A professional looking playlist that combines Twitter, Instagram, YouTube with Yammer using easy to use scheduling capabilities will enable a much more comprehensive visibility of the social feeds of any business.

Obviously, combining this with other digital signage popular widgets such as RSS feeds from news sites, weather, world’s clock and other will enhance the experience.

As Digital Signage is becoming the face of the business, it is critical to use the proper tools to create the desired look and also monitor, manage and control the screens.

So, in order to put your Facebook on the big screen, use the proper application of digital signage software, simply throwing it on the screen will not do the job!