We got used to see digital signage, almost everywhere… The cost of screens of LTE/WiFi and the cost of digital signage software (using high end SaaS based solutions) had dropped, making it almost impossible to avoid implementing digital signage. We got used to the screens in businesses and venues of all kind, directing, telling, selling, and entertaining us. We used to see the content, but never thought our action can actually trigger an event that will change the content of the digital sign, making it relevant for us at the real time.

Trigger event API for digital signageThe new existing options that have revealed in signage are opening the door (or the screen) to a large number of new signage capabilities to convey a message to your customers and visitors trigger API or trigger event API.

The very basic trigger APIs are the touch (not only touch screen), keyboard and button. These are physical and basic implementations. As simple as it sounds, this is a basic and effective trigger event that the signage can respond to, and present different content. But simple and basic are not so interesting…

The next level would be a simple sensor – refrigerator door open, sun down/up, temperature sensor and any other physical sensor. This can impact the signage in a number of ways, from “Thanks for buying here” after the door was opened to different content based on the outside temperature, offering a cold beer or a warm chocolate drink, based on the sensor.

Next level would be trigger API with external software or application. A great example would be payment app or electronic wallet app. I believe the best example would be “buying” from the screen, and getting the message – thanks for buying, please pick up your item on cashier number 4, but I’m sure digital signage implementers will think of many more creative applications.
RFID and barcode are also classical trigger APIs for signage. Lift and learn usage of digital signage is becoming more and more popular.

Personally, I believe that camera and face recognition triggers are the holy grail of trigger APIs for digital Signage. The number of implementations is almost endless! From gender/age based content to headcount of signage exposures and many others as anyone in this dynamic business can imagine.

I hope this blog post helps understanding better what a trigger API for signage is and how this can be used in YOUR business.