Yammer is the most successful social network for organizations. Most of the big and huge organizations are using Yammer and it is gradually spreading to medium size organizations. The ability to share ideas, activities, fun experience and even some funny ‘office gossip’ on a big screen, in a friendly platform that is not a simple mail, and still is an internal organization tool is found to be effective and popular.

One thing strikes me though… why should it be limited to one’s desktop/laptop screen, or at best to the smartphone? why can’t we use the Yammer social network to be proudly presentable in the public areas of the organization? How come Yammer is not on a display on the walls?

Yammer digital signage displayApparently, I wasn’t the only one that thought about it. A growing number of corporates and large organizations are using Digital Signage platforms to share Yammer on public areas. Digital signage, as an effective tool for internal communications, is with us for long years. It is just that recently the combined power of social networks and Digital Signage has been discovered by HR and marketing departments that are usually responsible, among others, of the internal communications.

Yammer is used for greetings, publications of workshops, launch of new products, personal and business vent updates, volunteering activities and any other HR and marketing messages. As a live and social platform it enables a dynamic “conversation” – Yammer on the walls using digital signage software – can enhance the experience, making it far more interesting, dynamic and effective.

Digital signs presenting Yammer can be located at any public area. From the obvious corridors, coffee and break rooms, cafeteria and reception, up to more unorthodox places such as manufacturing floor and clean rooms (where employees are usually slightly “disconnected”).

Yammer is a powerful tool. Don’t leave it “hidden” in the PC screen/smartphone – Digital signage allows you to put Yammer on the wall!