When one is looking for a digital signage company, what exactly is he looking for? A full turnkey digital signage solution? Maybe digital signage software? Or simply digital signage hardware provider? All of them?

Let us start by saying simply: there is no one company, at least that I’m aware of in over a decade in this domain, that provides, in house all of the digital signage components. I’m also convinced this kind of company will not survive in this business. You can’t do everything in the best professional level.
Digital signage companies
In the very basic search for digital signage you will find a blend of digital signage solution providers. Most of these are actually an integration companies – selecting what they think is the best of breed from all the require components – signage hardware (screens, players, mount devices) plus signage software solutions (content management systems, signage player compatible software and supporting tools, such as reporting and proof-of-play reports). Together with highly professional technicians, graphic designers (as some of them also provide content management) and other relevant experts, these companies provide the full turnkey solution for potential digital signage customers.

Digital signage hardware providers are a mix of player manufacturers, TV/screen manufacturers and mount devices providers. Some combine players, screens and mount and complete a full H/W solution. We are not surprised to discover that most of the H/W components are Chinese.

The most diverse and ever evolving part is obviously the digital signage SW. The digital signage software market is huge, dynamic and keeps growing from innovative startups such as NoviSign to giants like Cisco. We can witness a large spectrum of solutions in variety of prices, different approaches, and no single domination. The cloud based software for signage is picking up speed in the last 5 years, together with standard Android and ChromeOS, but Windows based solutions are still popular as well.

To summarize – when looking for digital signage company, one must define what he wants this company to DO for him. If it is an end to end solution – signage integrator is what you are looking for. If you have the skills and the know-how, signage software provider is what you need!