For us at NoviSign, Israeli based digital software company that operates globally, the internet is the first and foremost blood line, but as we are partner oriented company, the digital signage relevant expos and conferences, are not less important.

Of course, in the past decade the ability to have a fairly intimate video call with partners outside, became simple and cost effective, but still we found out the direct meetings with our partners and biggest customers in the right business environment create the right atmosphere to grow the business, think loudly on innovative ideas and enhance the friendly relations, which are not less important than the business relations.

NoviSign is active in the digital signage software domain in the past 6 years, our first partner joined at 2013, and since then we keep growing our white labeled partner base, using our technology to grow their business! Meeting these partners in the EU show and in US shows is a great opportunity for us to really listen to them, learn their needs, and yes, get a drink at the bar after the show. It is also the best place get in touch with new potential partners.

ISE 2017 NoviSign digital signage booth
We attended the ISE (Europe) in Amsterdam for the fourth time this year: we did get to meet our European partners, and many potential (some indeed joined). The Exhibition was HUGE (Some say more than 70K visitors), entertained large spectrum of Integrators, most in the AV business. Some of them were already players in the digital signage domain, some were looking to start and searching for the right signage software providers.

The DSE (U.S.A.) in Las Vegas (arranged by which we attended in the 5th time in a row, is much mode digital signage focused, and it is living up to the Vegas standards – flashy, big, shiny and fun! Combining business and fun in Vegas is the easiest thing to do, meeting the North American business leads is the cherry in the cream.

Last year, we added the InfoComm trade show in Orlando to our growing list of digital signage exhibitions. This is the American version of the European ISE. The experience was totally positive and we tend to invest next year in fully equipped NoviSign booth.

We’ll be happy to meet all relevant digital signage professionals in these great shows in the future – the business is growing, we can enable this growth!