Sometimes we have a vision and we imagine great things, practice innovative thinking (or the newest buzzword – design-led), and we miss the small daily solution that are nearby, sometimes as close as… well, your doorstep…

Digital signage had evolved significantly in the last decade, it moved from proprietary designated servers to the cloud, from high cost, specifically manufactured players and screens to commodity screens and low-cost players you can find at any electronics store. From video editing based software to modern, widget based CMS (Content Management System), from long, costly multi-disciplinary implementation to (almost) one-click-deployment. But still, we can still spot some areas that keep it “Traditional”, for no good reason…

Working hours signEventually, the digital signage is replacing the physical signs, and dynamically update the business’ customers and visitors with all sorts of required information, from simple infotainment to marketing, from social networks to ‘call for action’. It is amazing to see how simple things are left behind – something as trivial as the business working hours… For some reason, this stayed a static paper of plastic sign near the door.

The beauty of the modern digital signage software is that there is no pricing barrier anymore… If a small business owner wants to digitize and automate the opening hours it can be achieved in minimal investment, making the small business looking more innovative and updated. For larger businesses, with many branches, different working hours, or even different time zones – the opening hours automation in digital signage can be implemented across the organization.

So, if you need to update the business working hours from wherever you are, for one or multiple branches, setting up the information by CMS, of from external feed – digitizing your ‘opening hours’ screen is the right move for you.

Everything is digital, why not working hours?