Everyone needs directories from time to time. Indeed, Google maps and Waze made the need for directories while you’re driving redundant (and the never-ending jokes about the husband that refuses to ask for directions and keeps getting lost), but we all get lost, need guidance, directions and other information, especially in huge buildings, campuses and other compounds. Digital Directories is becoming one of the most cost effective and efficient solution for this problem.

Interactive touchscreen directory and digital signage solutions for office buildings are becoming more and more common as the implementation and software costs are reducing. Some digital signage software providers identified the need for digital directories and added this capability into their CMS (Content Management Systems). It is not a proprietary solution for a specific need, but a generic widget that anyone can easily build, test and implement. As digital signage software solutions get richer and wider in content, it is clear that the solution cost is dropping. Add to this the affordable price of touch screens – we used to see large tablets cost 2- 3 K$ and these days, we can find perfect solutions for digital directories in less that 500$ – affordable price for any building management budget.
Digital directory
Digital directory is not replacing the building staff, but it clears their time to provide better service for visitor’s needs that digital directory cannot fulfill: way finding, business profiles, shopping experience, planned entertainment activities and other, rather than “technical information” which can be easily navigated and provided to the visitors at the venue. Combined with location-based applications, the accuracy of the information can be very high.

Digital signage keeps looking for other ways to expand the digital experience: digital directory, combining touch screens, with ads or without, with information such as weather, stock market info, traffic and even news or without it, is another powerful tool that can be used on the digital platform and enhance the customer/visitor experience.

Hospitals, office buildings, large university campuses, business compounds and transportation hubs are just the beginning of almost endless list that can efficiently use digital directories based on the digital signage platforms.