You sit in a hotel lobby, sometimes in a foreign country and it might be that even if you ask someone (the concierge?) you might miss something that is out there – in the city you are in, maybe close by, or even closer than you think – at the hotel itself.

Off course, the hotel makes the right effort to catch your attention, but these days, when everyone is caught up with their cellphones, the only thing that might distract them is a bother screen – dynamic, relevant and location based. Digital signage for hotels is all about that.

Deploying a digital screen for hotel lobby can fit a hotel of almost any size, and the cost of implementation of hotel and lobby signage are dropping. If in the past, you could find a lobby display only in the huge hotel networks (the Hiltons of the world), now it is clear that hotel lobby requires a dynamic, always updated lobby screen.

Lobby display softwareOf course, the hotel will need some software solution to operate the lobby screen. The lobby display software, or in its generic name, CMS (Content Management System) is available as a cloud based solution and allows the hotel management to choose a software for the lobby display, according to the hotel’s needs. To my humble opinion, stability, simplicity and rich widget content combined with social network support are the keys for the best fit lobby signage software.

The deployed screens at the lobby do not have to be huge, in some cases, the hotel’s management would prefer deploying smaller screens (tablets in kiosk mode are popular solution) and spread them across the lobby.

Totems (tall, standing displays), with dedicated kiosk software (digital concierge) are becoming popular and often create a simple advertising market place of advertisers that promote their offerings in the hotel lobby, reception and entrance/exit.

Digital Signage software for hotels and lobby displays are becoming the standard, the differentiation is in the creativity of the deployment and usage.