Conversion measurement is one of the mysteries of the digital era that we are living in. The art of converting between a lead, a basic interest of a potential customer to the actual act of knowingly deciding to spend the money, is critical for any business, the measurement is no less critical.

Of course, many startups and many systems exist in the market to help the business leads to measure the conversion rate, but most of these solutions require heavy implementation of business process, in some cases the customers’ collaboration is required and most of the customers don’t have the energy for it. The cost of these systems rarely fits the budget for small and some of the medium businesses. Can digital signage help these businesses in the conversion and in fact, also with the measurements, to improve ads and increase sales?

Digital menu board

Looks like a simple magic trick, based on the digital signage, can do the work just fine… any small business can nowadays afford a digital signage solution as a menu board. The digital menu board is by far more dynamic than a simple printed sign. The menu board can be altered to one or more branches by the minute, pre-scheduled and designed to fit the audience and potential customer. Cloud based digital signage software and cloud based CMS are simply the tools for each business owner to dynamically control the message to his potential customers.

Here comes the magical part: the business leader can decide on one message that stands out on top of the others – brighter, darker, Larger, using a different font or phrasing, spinning, turning or moving – the idea is to differentiate this specific message, in comparison to the other elements in the digital menu board. This differentiation is now measurable! Tuning the Point-of-Sale (POS) system to count the specified offering during the specific time it is highlighted, will provide information of a great value!

A special promotion on the digital signage can now become, not only a promotion, but also a tool to measure the effectiveness of the digital signage messages the business delivers to its potential clients. A simple message is now also a basic conversion measurement tool. The stats will not lie – if the promotion of the differentiated element is proven effective – meaning it is sold much better during the days/hours it is highlighted, in comparison to the days that same offering is “hidden” between its fellow offerings – you have a winner! This means your digital signage implementation is accurate and effective. If not, I would suggest calling an expert to support your business’ visibility and customer engagement. Better ROI.

A simple planning of one’s electronic board implementation can become a highly effective conversion measurement tool and a clear validation for the business’ digital signage implementation. Try it!