NoviSign is doing Well in Israel! this is no wonder as the co-founders are Israelis, the R&D and headquarter are located in the center of Israel and although we do operate mostly globally, we are happy to see that we are doing well in our home court!

The number of installations keeps going, along with the number of significant RFIs/RFPs that we are joining forces with, in our market leading partner base.

Digital signage in Israel

We still cannot identify a leading domain of digital signage in IL (maybe we’ll never be able to do so) but it is clear that 7 years after we founded NoviSign in Tel Aviv, it is clear that digital signage is blooming in Israel, and it still has a great room from growth!

The digital signage advertisement marketplace is also picking up and we can see Israeli local initiatives moving from Proof Of Concept phase into full scale production.

So how do you day Digital Signage in Hebrew? you simply Say NoviSign! you can also click here: נוביסיין שילוט דיגיטלי.