NoviTizer - hand sanitizer advertising kiosk
As the new Corona objects are taking over the public sphere, items like Thermometer, Facial Masks and Hand Sanitizers are clearly here to stay.

The hand sanitizers are actually, most probably going to stay with us even long after the Coronavirus drama is be behind us. The importance of hygiene is sinking well in everyone’s minds.

Out of all the new processes, behaviors and objects we will adopt, the hand sanitizer can actually be harnessed for business promotion, by upgrading it to hand sanitizer advertising kiosk.

The business owners and managers of businesses at any size can use the obvious need for hand sanitizers, adding to it digital signage and digital signage software and creating a new way to communicate with their customers and potential customers. Turning the hand sanitizer into hand sanitizer advertising kiosk is now simpler than ever, as the devices are already in the market and digital signage software can be easily implemented.

Hand sanitizer advertising kiosks are also measurable in terms of advertising exposure. The hand sanitizer kiosks are “catching” a person for 2 – 3 seconds in which the advertising kiosk can convey a message to the person in front and more than that – this can be measured, like a click in an ad in a website!

Another important capability that some of the digital signage software providers implemented as a solution for hand sanitizer kiosk is the ability to notify the operator when the alco-gel is running out and provide enough lead time to make sure the tank is always full.

Turning your simple hand sanitizer in hand sanitizer advertising kiosk (such as the NoviTizer), might be the best thing that came out of this unfortunate Corona event.