As Digital Signage is becoming increasingly popular with small and medium businesses. We, as digital signage software vendor, invest significant effort from time to time to ‘investigate’ our customers (both partners and end users) about the usage of their Digital Signage, and whether they are really utilizing the NoviSign Platform capabilities in full.

The recent discoveries are surprising, and not. Most of our customers and users are simply using Carousel Slideshow Digital Signage… It is surprising, as we did expect our customers to use more and more of our advanced features (IoT, audience measurement, interactive widgets and so on) – it is not surprising from the other hand – people, users, especially if not externally tech savvy are looking for something that looks good, professional, yet very simply to implement and maintain – the ‘carousel signage mode’ is exactly that.

Carousel slideshow digital signageThe carousel digital signage mode is exactly like it sounds – an endless round of ‘slides’ maintained and updated by the customer according to business needs and present mostly basic content of text, images and sometimes videos – this is the ‘digital signage extension’ of the below carousel that we all (by ‘All’, I actually mean, people over 40) remember from our childhood.

We did discover that around 30% of our SMB customers are implementing our advanced signage features – after all, we developed these features, after carefully listening to our customer needs, but the other 70% are still ‘stuck’ in the comfort zone of the carousel slideshow signage level.

Dear users, as much as you enjoy the Carousel ride, it is high time to step down and look for the new facilities in the amusement park – there is so much more out there, and it is no less easy to implement!