Have you ever opened a refrigerator door and pulled a coke can at a convenient store, suddenly heard or saw and automatic message saying: “Thanks for buying here!”. This is nice. But this can be much more interactive and dynamic. What would you feel if the message would say: Got a coke, go grab a sandwich or a snack at half price? What if the refrigerator will identify your age (not too accurately, don’t worry, only if you are a kid or grown up) and gender and will offer you an appealing deal on the spot?

IoT digital signage refrigeratorThis technology is not science fiction any more – it is a natural expansion of the digital signage software toward the world of IoT. The ability to dynamically change the digital sign content according to an external trigger event is clearly where the signage industry is looking for.

The IoT concept that enables all devices and sensors to trigger different events is not skipping the digital signage domain. In fact, it is embracing the concept. Using RFID, temperature sensor, motion sensor or any other trigger event that can be captured and present a relevant (!) message at real time is clearly a great business promotion tool, for businesses at almost any size. Combining IoT with statistical data and measurements can provide additional business value: how many people opened the door? How many purchased what? Is there a pattern? (such as: time of the day / weather conditions / price / special offer).

Digital signage is surely moving from a simple screen presenting text/images/video for atmosphere and infotainment to a live, real time responding, always connected sales promotion tool. The ability to easily manage digital signage campaigns, using easy to use cloud based CMS (Content Management System), connect to clients using social networks or direct IoT trigger events is taking the digital signage to a different level.
IoT and signage – a close friendship with clear value for all!