We are all familiar with the common term SaaS – Software as a Service. Usually, it indicates a subscription model of paying for the right to use a multi-tenant, cloud-based application that can serve simultaneously a large number of users running the same version and maintenance level for all.

This technology is here with us for more than 2 decades, and it is not going anywhere, in fact, the number of use cases is growing, the number of solutions moving to the SaaS mode is in its peak.
Signage as a Service
There is another SaaS though – Signage as a Service – This SaaS is actually much ‘younger’, probably less than a decade ago, started to gain popularity among the digital signage users, implementors and signage integrators about 6 years back.

The Digital Signage industry, and especially the small and medium business have been waiting for the ‘Signage as a Service’, as it dramatically reduced their cost of implementation and cost of maintenance (TCO – Total Cost of Ownership). The TCO reduction opened the flood for totally new lines of businesses and customers deploying digital signage.

The advantages of the ‘original SaaS’ were immediately proven as tangible advantages in the Signage as a Service model – the cost, the simplicity, the low involvement of the customer in support and maintenance of complicated hardware and software.

Signage as a Service gave a boost to the somewhat ‘sleepy’ domain of digital signage software, have you moved your signage to this model, or are you still ‘sleepy’?