Everything is digitized these days, connected. you can see it everywhere. It used to be the Cell phones that rapidly became Smartphones, but nowadays no one even looks at the Smartphone, they look at the Smart Watch (which is physically located 20 centimeters from the Smart Phone it is connected to. Amazing, isn’t it?

Digital signage and digital billboard technology is actually a part of this ongoing digitization – no one wants to see an old, irrelevant printed sign, when the alternative is always relevant and updated content that is ever changing, dynamic and even interactive. The digital signage is doing to the printed signs what the e-mail did to the fax – people use it, but only rarely, and you still really amazed this technology is still with us…

Walking billboardBack to the title: can we turn people into walking digital signs of digital billboards? Well, the answer is a simple yes! And no. I’m not saying they need to become cyborgs that have digital display screens embedded in their skin.

The solution is quite simple we just recently saw a backpack, which is actually a… Digital billboard! (https://www.gearbest.com/goods/pp_009594757312.html) – this back like any wearable device is a transformation of existing technology that is now available to be part of the human day-to-day operation!

This ‘walking sign’ can simply run his content and in extreme case, a person can wear the backpack and allow messaging to be broadcasted on his back without him controlling the content! a human advertisement mobile board!

This backpack is a gimmick… very nice one but still, mainly a gimmick, BUT…. it indicates the future of the digital domain and specifically the trend that the digital signage market is going to – open, visible and accessible signs everywhere!