Digital Signage is clearly one of the key elements in the ongoing digitization of the retail environment and experience, but this process is long and it will take a decade, or more.

In the meantime, like anything else in life, the solutions are hybrid, combining online and offline solutions across the board. The digital solutions for payment, pricing, visibility, customer management and other retail oriented areas are mostly ready to be deployed, but not matured to massive implementation – not only due to technological obstetrical (which still exist to some level), but largely because of the huge cost of full digital retail solution implementation. Therefore, it seems to us that the hybrid retail stores are here to be with us for few more years.

The Digital Signage solutions, from the store visibility through audience measurement and even digital shopping solutions are the quick wins on the way of fully digitized store. Digital signage software and its ‘sub applications’ is enhancing the digital experience without putting the entire effort (and dollars!) to run for digital transformation.
Hybrid retail digital signage

The Digital Signage industry is taking a great advantage from the constant demand for digitization and the fact that digital signage cost of implementation is a friction of the full digitization of a retail chain is one of the key reasons for the latest bloom in this industry.

The super dynamic and professional signage platforms will become, in time, the baseline for these retails in their long journey towards full digital customer experience.

Want to start your digital journey – start with digital signage – the important part of digital communication with your customers is the right step to start!