The digital signage market keeps expanding. From a simple information and infotainment display, it has grown massively into different areas and sub areas.

Recently, we can spot that one of the growth engines of the industry is the kiosk. Kiosk is a digital sign that allows the user, using touch screen capabilities to interact directly with the screen, get information, download coupons, ask questions/directions/additional information and so on.

The Kiosk mode of digital signage is becoming more and more popular due to the rich capabilities that digital signage software and the continuous drop in the cost of Kiosk hardware. A basic Kiosk mode display can start from few hundreds of dollars, including hardware, software and implementation – a cost we could all only dream off few, not long ago, years back.

Kiosk mode signage can start from simple tablet with proper kiosk software up to Out-of-Home Commercial grade Kiosk that fits any weather conditions.

Digital signage kioskLately, we can see Kiosk solutions popping up in showrooms and any kind and almost any industry: food and beverages menus, commodities and appliances, fashion and cosmetics and electronics (let’s summarize as retail). The interactive capabilities of digital signage had become an additional business promotion tool – providing accurate and direct information, sales opportunities and other immediate interactive engagements (such as call for action and even on-the-spot purchase!).

Any show room that saw the value in the atmosphere and information screen in showrooms is looking for ways to enhance the client engagement by adding Kiosk functionality to the existing displays. Adding the Kiosk signs can also free the sales stuff to concentrate in the ‘hard sale’ process – meaning getting the customer to pay, after the information and the business transaction details and ‘saving options’ (installments, coupons, other products from the same family, etc.) were already layout in front of him.

Digital signage kiosk for showroom at any size – show it off!