So many screens and different displays are surrounding us everywhere – on the street and in the subway, at the school/university and at the break room at work. The Displays are in different sizes and shapes, and most of them present some kind of content which is not a broadcast TV channels. Most of them, you’ll be amazed, are running simple content that was pre-loaded by disk-on-key flash drive (memory stick) or even by DVD players (!) – yes it seems like this technology is somehow still alive. It is good to see that no one uses the good old FAX machine to broadcast content!

It is clear that one of these days, most probably the coming year, these ‘Display real-estate’ owners will realize that there is actually software to create, manage and display the content for these screens (CMS is the professional term – Content Management System). This Display Software will allow the screens and display owners to get rid of the old technology. But this is only half of the story: the other half is much more important – the Legacy technology and the constant need to physically reach the screen to maintain the content which has been causing the content to be in many cases, stale, irrelevant, outdated and all the other nasty words that the internet and smartphone generation cannot stand…

SaaS digital signage
Digital display software will allow the content managers to really own the screens and take ownership on the content, the message timing and the general theme of each display. Digital Signage software is the magic they are looking for, but still afraid to implement. Why?

The main fear is from the cost and complexity. These two concerns are long gone! The Complexity is no more than building a power-point deck and the broadcast is super easy, using the Cloud display software capabilities. The cost is also a fraction of what it used to be mainly due to the available SaaS technology for sign software that reduced the software implementation prices to few dollars per display.

Look around you: do you really want to stay outdated in your signage screens?