Yes, yes, no one argues anymore – content is the king! We all got it, all the content should be professional, interesting, relevant, even sexy… whatever is right for every website, for every business at any size – is double right for Digital Signage.

Digital signage is ultra-visible, it might not be mission critical functionality for a small business, but this is its face – and you always want the face of the business too look attractive and appealing.

Digital signage started as a highly effective tool to convey information or a message. It is now much more than that, and that is why the investment in digital signage supporting tools, mainly the CMS (Content Management System), has been growing by large percentage in the last 5 years. If content is the king, CMS is the “King Maker” and the king maker must be an easy-to-use yet, super reach Studio for building, scheduling, broadcasting and managing dynamic, professional looking, relevant content.

The CMS for digital signage started from a “PowerPoint-like” content builder for text, images, videos and maybe some rolling text transformed to recently monstrous art studio that is widget-based and fully capable of merging and presenting content from different sources such as live feeds, social networks, games and polls. The demand for CMS to be able to easily sync with external data sources such as pricing databases, IoT elements and camera feeds is becoming a standard in the digital signage industry, and every decent RFP requires this functionality ‘out-of-the-box’ (or ‘out-of-the-cloud’ in this case).

Studio CMS
Digital signage content management system capabilities are becoming one of the most tangible differentiators between digital signage software providers. Sure, the player software, the stability and other functionalities are still very important, but the ability to make “good looking kings” by using a professional, ever developed, studio for content creation is becoming no less important.

Signage CMS – make sure you keep the content King!