NoviSign has the great combination below that brings you high value:

Price – low TCO

  • You can get the NoviSign system under your branding (white label) in your domain, for attractive price per player per month
  • Discounts can be applied for big certain projects
  • Can run on cost-effective Android players, in fact we are hardware agnostic
  • Simplicity in pricing model – no hidden costs!

Performance – robust and stable

  • One of the most stable Android player apps, if not the most stable in the market (run our player for 5 years without touching it)
  • What you see is what you get on our player apps that run on Windows, Android or Chrome OS
  • Compare us with others on how smooth we play videos, moving text and image transitions

Services and development

  • We are at your service for remote support over phone, mail and remote connection
  • We develop the software from scratch and fix customize update – anything which is needed for your projects, as we are very strong software oriented company, and hence allow our customers to influence our road map (pending business potential)

Easy to use

  • Drag-and-drop one of the best design studios in the market
  • Easy to implement – buy a device, connect it to the network, install the player app, login to the CMS and you are up and running
  • Effective management tools for partners, including proof-of-play reports


  • Polls, Games and other interactive capabilities
  • IoT – combining Barcode, RFID, motion and any other external sensor
  • Audience measurement
  • based on face recognition technology
  • Sync player capabilities on software level (no additional hardware)

NoviSign digital signage software