NoviSign digital signage software solution

Looking for the right Software solution is always complicated. It was complicated 10 years ago when you had to read articles, decide which one you wanted to test, download, install and run on-premise installation and then run the test cycles and verify the results. Compare to other software solutions, pricing plans and then decide on the best money value solution.

In recent years the cloud-based software solutions simplified some of the process, on the other hand – the offerings had grown significantly and still the process is long and tedious.

For Digital Signage software, the decision about the right software is as critical as the decision about the Digital Signage Hardware if not more… The Digital Signage Software will be the engine for the business to present the right content, at the right time at the right location.

One of the leading sites that can support a business at almost any size to make the right decision in this critical matter is TechRadar.

So, If you are looking for digital signage software for your business to create and broadcast info and ads to screen, TechRadar came up with a list of the top 5 digital signage software solutions for you.

Techradar has selected NoviSign ( as the First out of the top 5 list!

NoviSign has been operating globally for almost a decade in the Digital Signage arena and is proud to serve its growing customer base. This kind of review and recognition for our effort, from an impartial, highly important tech site, only gives us additional motivation to keep the work and continuously improve and innovate in order to bring additional high value to our customers, at any size!

Thank you Tech Radar for this great review and amazingly important “Energy Boost”!

Gil Mazliah, CEO.