Digital signage supporting Covid-19 vaccine
The Digital Signage industry was recruited among many others in the battle against the spread of Covid-19 Pandemic around the world. Digital Signs posted rapidly to reduce the human friction and the likelihood of getting infected, in order to provide communications, instructions, wayfinding, “Traffic light” services for store occupancy and even Alcogel (See NoviTizer as a great example).

In the coming months, the world will face one of the most complicated, yet very optimistic logistical and operational, challenge – the efficient spread of Covid-19 caccines across maximum, prioritized according to set of guidelines population, in minimum time.

Again, among other domains that will have to come up with right technological solutions, the digital signage software and the digital signage solutions will be harnessed to support this challenge in many different ways, replacing Humans, reducing chances of infection and dynamically change itself to fit the different on-premise communication needs.

The digital signage capabilities can easily support the education and updated information to the people prior to getting to the vaccination venue (what to bring, what to expect, how to behave), provide clear and dynamic direction, including traffic balancing between the different sites and vaccination stations.

Obviously combining Queue Management Capabilities which is part of the set of capabilities provided by some digital signage Software providers is a value added service, especially when the Covid-19 vaccination happens in some different locations (schools, sport halls, etc.) and not necessarily in the formal clinics – the Corona project leads can deploy temporary digital signage and implement ‘on demand Queue Management’.

Coronavirus brought an amazing challenge to the world, and to its economy. Digital Signage is one of the tools to be used to make sure the leaders of the community can use it to communicate the right messages to the people and to reduce the physical friction.