I’m sure, most of us, mainly the over 40’s-people, remember the mythological show – The Love Boat. I still remember watching this with my parents. The plot was like a template, few couples, few singles embarked the great vessel, and with the gentle help of Captain Stubing, his daughter, Julie, Isaac the barmen, Doc and others, all the broken hearts found cure, all the veteran couples re-gained their love and all singles found each other. All of this, while sailing in the ocean and stopping in the great sites of the Caribbean! What else can one ask?

I’ve been to a similar cruise just recently in the biggest cruise ship in the world (the Symphony of the Seas), at least till November, when a 2-feet bigger one is supposed to be launched.
symphony of the Seas - digital signage
As a Digital Signage expert, I was amazed from the intensive use of screens and displays of any kind and size in the cruise-ship. From a simple information kiosk, location finders, infotainment, passenger information, digital menu boards, staff updates, emergency drill notifications and up to games and interactive activities!

I realized that this is clearly the most efficient way the cruise ship staff can communicate to the passengers without using the public speakers (which were rarely used, mainly for the emergency drill). The digital signage displays are literally everywhere, I counted more than 100 in my deck, and the ship has 16 decks!!!

The Digital Signage on the ship is presentable, efficient and always relevant and updated! (at least during the week I spent on board).
Symphony of the Seas - digital signage
Coming back to Captain Stubing and his crew, I do wonder how did the communication worked for them, back then in the 80’s? I believe there was a team simply ran across the ship and updated the physical boards!

I’m certain that if we can ask Captain Stubing today, he would most certainly prefer the more accurate, always relevant, highly dynamic digital signage solution to communicate with his passengers.

I’m feeling kind of nostalgic, I think I’ll let myself take a walk down the memory lane and watch an episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_XtlK7-pJI