As we all know the Digital Signage industry had clearly changed its face in the last 5 years, mainly since the Smart Devices have been started to be used as digital signage players and the social networks have become an integral part of any communication, on one’s PC, smartphone and also on the digital signs big screens.

The spectrum of contemporary digital signage solutions is quite wide, from Mama’s and Papa’s stores (the simplest solutions) through internal communication and infotainment up to the most complicated, rich in content, synchronized and robust solution for large retails or food chains. For some odd reason, it seems that one area is stumbling behind – the simplest good old Bulletin boards.

One can enter the most sophisticated university, high school or even a plant or a hi-tech company, simply to discover that the bulletin board is still as it was years, maybe decades ago – physical, messy, outdated and certainly not appealing.

Digital bulletin boardIf you ask me, the digital signage software solution to replace bulletin boards is obvious, it is still perceived though, as expensive, complicated to implement and a solution that requires IT skills. Well, it is high time for the people with the ‘post-it’ and the stickers to open their eyes and see how is it would be to implement such simple digital signage solution to replace the physical bulletin boards with basic, cost effective, easy to implement digital signage that can easily save time, money and boring, tedious, never ending effort of clearing and refreshing these billeting boards across the organization – something that can be done in a matter of short minutes, dynamically – to all locations.

The SaaS solutions for digital signage, the simple CMS offered by some signage companies, like NoviSign, enables everyone, at almost any size of organization to present recent messages on a big screen with simple set up and a cost of few dollars per screen.

So, stop playing with stickers and proudly join the 21st century bulletin boards that became digitized!