Communication is crucial for success – at almost any type of field. In management it is clearly one of the fundamentals, and for large, multinational, multi-site corporates that manage thousands of employees, from different countries, cultures, languages and most likely different lines of businesses – the internal communications is no less than critical KPI.

The traditional methods of internal communication were usually division/site/companywide mail distribution lists. This was, and still is, somewhat effective, but not perfect. These days we are overloaded with mails. The internal communications mails are rarely perceived as critical and therefore left ‘marked as unread’ for long time, missing the entire purpose. Other ways are the internal organizational website and internal social networks (such as Yammer). Organizational town halls are quite effective, but these are preserved for special occasions.

Internal communication digital signageThe idea is to catch the employee’s attention when they are relatively available and relaxed. In the past decade marketing leads together with HR managers realized that digital signage is a very effective tool for corporate internal communication.

The hi-tech giants were the first to implement, obviously (Amdocs, Wix, Melanox). The hi-tech industry is super dynamic, and highly distributed, overloaded with mails. People in different sites do not really know what other sites are doing and their achievements (hell, sometimes people in the next room are not aware of your achievements!). Digital signage, placed in the break rooms, corridors, meeting rooms, parking lots and dining room is a simple, cost effective attractive way to engage employees for relevant, dynamic internal communication content. Combining digital signage with live internal communication social networks is additional value.

Communication is complicated, internal communication for large corporates, using digital signage can become simple, effective and even cost effective. The cost of internal communications digital signage has dropped in the last 5 years. The CAPEX (screens, digital signage media players) is containable and the OPEX (digital signage software) has decreased, using high end cloud based CMS. Some digital signage software vendors offer attractive site licenses.

Digital Signage for internal communications – the easy way to communicate!