Sales force and digital signage? What’s the connection? You may probably ask… Well these are legitimate questions, I think. Let me try to answer.
The fact that digital signage has been picking up really fast for small and medium businesses across all domains, categories and lines of businesses, is well known. SMBs are using signage to connect to their customers and visitors, and what was used only by the largest organizations is now a common practice, for almost any size of organization. One of the impacts of the wide spread of digital signage is that it was discovered by the HR and even more marketing department as a great tool not only for outbound interaction, but not less important for internal communications!

Yes, Rapidly the digital signage is becoming one of the most widely spread tool for internal communication at large, medium, and even small organizations. From personal notifications to safely regulations, from pure infotainment to employee recognition, from social networks to… business and performance updates – does this ring a bell? Remember the “Salesforce on the screen” question for the beginning?

Saleforce digital signage softwareSalesforce is one of the leading and commonly used, web based application for business at almost any size to maintain customer relations (CRM), defect fixing and case management, sales and leads measurement – everything the business needs to make sure it is healthy, alive and kicking. Some of the employees use some of the stuff, some are not exposed to all, but surely all the employees would like to be updated, see the progress and even the bottle necks. In the modern business environment, most business managements are open and willingly share the info.

Presenting “Salesforce on the screen” using the organizational digital signage implementation as part of the internal communication is a great value for the management and the employees – the live, meaningful updated KPIs are on the screen and people can easily engage, feel part of all the operations in the organizations, even in areas they are not directly involved.

I hope I managed to establish the connection between SalesForce and digital signage software

Share your information with the organization, put your Salesforce on the wall!