Every Marketing guy, fresh from university and an expert with 20 years of experience will easily explain how important it is not only to spread the word about any company’s achievements, goals, success stories and even up to some level, glorious failures (especially of the kind that lead later on to success story, but this is for a different blog post), not only to their customers, providers and shareholders, but not less important, to the company’s employees, mid-level management and different divisions.

Employees are often stuck in their day job, not really looking outside of their silo and missing out not only the big picture, but also the “Story” which they are part of.

Corporate internal communication digital signage
So, at first, we had those mails – daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. Here is a news flash – no one reads it! We also have the company events. These are rare and everyone just wants to get to the food and drinks. The prints and signs around the corridors seem to be effective, but these always look outdated and reflecting “Old News”… Signs? Why not digital signs? Aren’t we approaching the end of the second decade of the 21st century?

Digital signage for internal communication has been proven as highly effective in the late decade or so. Internal Communication digital signage fits the budget of huge corporate and can easily slip into the tiny budget of internal communication of a small startup.

Digital signage keeps the internal communication dynamic, interactive, up-to-date and interesting. It catches you on the way to the lunch room and coffee machine. The employees will not treat it as spam and if the content is properly presented and maintained fresh and relevant, it will not be ignored.

Corporate internal communication solutions are becoming important and challenging to the management in the era of ‘overflow of communication’. An employee that doesn’t feel connected and part of the organizations is more likely to be frustrated up to becoming an attrition risk, on the other hand most of us get hundreds of messages a day in all sorts of platforms. The easiest one to digest and relate to is digital signage, as it catches you in the background and not while you are busy doing something else, like your job…

Want to improve the communication with you staff? Digital signage might be a great platform for this!