Indoor TV is a sub component of the wider domain referred to as Digital Signage. Indoor TV is simply a screen, located in various places, from hospitals to office buildings, from corporate headquarters to business campuses and any other indoor location one may think of that has visitors/employees/clients. The Indoor TV used to show some atmosphere slides or videos, embedded with relevant location information. The content used to be the same for days, sometimes weeks.

Indoor TV digital signageThe enormous revolution that went through the digital signage business as a whole – dramatic drop of screen prices, standardization and reduction of digital signage players prices, alongside the SaaS/cloud model for highly effective rich in content CMS (Content Management Systems) – affected the Indoor TV domain and made it far more dynamic, social, immediate and effective.

Organizations that didn’t even consider implementing indoor TV in their location, from the understandable fear of falling into an endless pit of IT expenses of hardware, complicated software and services, are now implementing or considering to do so, given the removal of most the obstacles that threatened to impact their IT CAPEX and OPEX.

The modern indoor TV implementation shows relevant information and entertainment (infotainment) alongside to location based offerings, news, dynamic information and social network content, connecting the visitors with the content on the screen, allowing call to action and promotions to become immediately effective.

In some venues, the indoor TV owners are ‘opening’ the screens for external advertising and by that, adding direct added value to the visitors, while monetizing the digital signage asset.

Hospitals, big organizations, shopping malls and any other venue that has visitors/shoppers can enjoy the benefits of indoor TV, providing value to the people coming in, with dynamic content at a cost that does not exceed the spent on basic IT projects.

The monetization of indoor TV, will become the next growth engine of the digital signage software industry.

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