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How to turn people into walking billboard?

Everything is digitized these days, connected. you can see it everywhere. It used to be the Cell phones that rapidly became Smartphones, but nowadays no one even looks at the Smartphone, they look at the Smart Watch (which is physically located 20 centimeters from the Smart Phone it is connected to. Amazing, isn’t it?

Digital signage and digital billboard technology is actually a part of this ongoing digitization – no one wants to see an old, irrelevant printed sign, when the alternative is always relevant and updated content that is ever changing, dynamic and even interactive. The digital […]

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Digital Display Software

So many screens and different displays are surrounding us everywhere – on the street and in the subway, at the school/university and at the break room at work. The Displays are in different sizes and shapes, and most of them present some kind of content which is not a broadcast TV channels. Most of them, you’ll be amazed, are running simple content that was pre-loaded by disk-on-key flash drive (memory stick) or even by DVD players (!) – yes it seems like this technology is somehow still alive. It is good to see that no one uses the good old […]

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Interview with NoviSign’s CEO – what is digital signage?

Q: Hello Gil, it is great to speak to you today, how are you?
A: I’m good, thanks. Happy to be here!

Q: Let’s jump right in: your company (Gil is CEO and Co-Founder of NoviSign), is providing Digital Signage Software over the cloud. What is Digital Signage?
A: Digital Signage started as the digital evolution of the traditional ‘physical signage’, but the technology, combining network, software, hardware and IoT capabilities, has become so much more than that. Digital Signage started as a dynamic sign that, using the right software, can be easily designed and managed from anywhere at any time and evolved […]

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Digital signs in the hybrid retail world

Digital Signage is clearly one of the key elements in the ongoing digitization of the retail environment and experience, but this process is long and it will take a decade, or more.

In the meantime, like anything else in life, the solutions are hybrid, combining online and offline solutions across the board. The digital solutions for payment, pricing, visibility, customer management and other retail oriented areas are mostly ready to be deployed, but not matured to massive implementation – not only due to technological obstetrical (which still exist to some level), but largely because of the huge cost of full digital […]

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NoviSign Added Values

NoviSign has the great combination below that brings you high value:

Price – low TCO

You can get the NoviSign system under your branding (white label) in your domain, for attractive price per player per month
Discounts can be applied for big certain projects
Can run on cost-effective Android players, in fact we are hardware agnostic
Simplicity in pricing model – no hidden costs!

Performance – robust and stable

One of the most stable Android player apps, if not the most stable in the market (run our player for 5 years without touching it)
What you see is what you get on our player apps that run on […]

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IT Department deploying digital signage – Piece of cake – Just do IT!

One of the most popular uses for Digital Signage in the last decade is internal communication. Organizations of almost any size, are struggling with connecting the employees to “What’s going on” in the organization, rather than only their limited silos, or worse – their personal Facebook…

I was been proven that employee which can see and understand the bigger picture of his business, market, competition, success (and failures!) stories is by far more engaged, more productive and more connected. HR and Marketing departments all over the world are fighting for the attention and on effective ways for internal communication – […]

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How did Love Boat manage without digital signage?

I’m sure, most of us, mainly the over 40’s-people, remember the mythological show – The Love Boat. I still remember watching this with my parents. The plot was like a template, few couples, few singles embarked the great vessel, and with the gentle help of Captain Stubing, his daughter, Julie, Isaac the barmen, Doc and others, all the broken hearts found cure, all the veteran couples re-gained their love and all singles found each other. All of this, while sailing in the ocean and stopping in the great sites of the Caribbean! What else can one ask?

I’ve been to […]

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Studio CMS for Digital Signage

Yes, yes, no one argues anymore – content is the king! We all got it, all the content should be professional, interesting, relevant, even sexy… whatever is right for every website, for every business at any size – is double right for Digital Signage.

Digital signage is ultra-visible, it might not be mission critical functionality for a small business, but this is its face – and you always want the face of the business too look attractive and appealing.

Digital signage started as a highly effective tool to convey information or a message. It is now much more than that, and […]

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How to improve corporate communication?

Every Marketing guy, fresh from university and an expert with 20 years of experience will easily explain how important it is not only to spread the word about any company’s achievements, goals, success stories and even up to some level, glorious failures (especially of the kind that lead later on to success story, but this is for a different blog post), not only to their customers, providers and shareholders, but not less important, to the company’s employees, mid-level management and different divisions.

Employees are often stuck in their day job, not really looking outside of their silo and missing out […]

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Can my friend’s son/daughter implement signage software for my business?

You are probably familiar with the phrase “you can’t teach old dog new tricks”. I’ve passed my “learning new tricks” stage… I’m not that old, but from technological perspective I’m too old, surely for new tricks. I own a bar. Actually, it is 3 bars I’ve opened in the past 3 decades. Not big money, but it keeps my family and small kids well fed, dressed and supplied.

My daughter caught me one day shouting at one of the shift managers that forgot to put the new beer promotion on the menu board. She said to me, why are you […]

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