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Corporate Digital Signage for Internal Communication

Communication is crucial for success – at almost any type of field. In management it is clearly one of the fundamentals, and for large, multinational, multi-site corporates that manage thousands of employees, from different countries, cultures, languages and most likely different lines of businesses – the internal communications is no less than critical KPI.

The traditional methods of internal communication were usually division/site/companywide mail distribution lists. This was, and still is, somewhat effective, but not perfect. These days we are overloaded with mails. The internal communications mails are rarely perceived as critical and therefore left ‘marked as unread’ for long time, […]

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Digital signage industry – is it really growing?

I believe that the digital signage industry started from airports and other transportation hubs. This was the most basic implementation. It was followed by large organizations, mainly in retail and fast food, as always it would be probably safe to say that McDonald’s was the first to implement digital menu boards.

With time, and mainly due to technological evolution that caused the drop of digital signage cost of implementation – just to name a few: cloud based CMS, cost effective H/W for signage (Android and Chrome based), significant reduction of high quality large TV screens the adoption of tablets and […]

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Touch displays for showrooms

The digital signage market keeps expanding. From a simple information and infotainment display, it has grown massively into different areas and sub areas.

Recently, we can spot that one of the growth engines of the industry is the kiosk. Kiosk is a digital sign that allows the user, using touch screen capabilities to interact directly with the screen, get information, download coupons, ask questions/directions/additional information and so on.

The Kiosk mode of digital signage is becoming more and more popular due to the rich capabilities that digital signage software and the continuous drop in the cost of Kiosk hardware. A basic […]

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Advertiser player – as simple as it sounds!

As there are many ways to skin a cat, there are many ways to describe something. An example I just ran into, few days ago, is digital signage referred to as ‘advertiser player’. At first, I thought the guy was looking for something else, but then I realized – his needs were reflected by the way he described the solution.

Small and medium businesses use digital signage in growing numbers in the past decade. The technology (mainly the SaaS/cloud) together with the drop in prices, led many SMBs to adopt digital signage. But there are other businesses that understood the […]

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Digital Signage Expo(s) – business or pleasure

For us at NoviSign, Israeli based digital software company that operates globally, the internet is the first and foremost blood line, but as we are partner oriented company, the digital signage relevant expos and conferences, are not less important.

Of course, in the past decade the ability to have a fairly intimate video call with partners outside, became simple and cost effective, but still we found out the direct meetings with our partners and biggest customers in the right business environment create the right atmosphere to grow the business, think loudly on innovative ideas and enhance the friendly relations, which […]

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IoT and Digital Signage – a beginning of close friendship!

Have you ever opened a refrigerator door and pulled a coke can at a convenient store, suddenly heard or saw and automatic message saying: “Thanks for buying here!”. This is nice. But this can be much more interactive and dynamic. What would you feel if the message would say: Got a coke, go grab a sandwich or a snack at half price? What if the refrigerator will identify your age (not too accurately, don’t worry, only if you are a kid or grown up) and gender and will offer you an appealing deal on the spot?

This technology is not […]

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Put a focus message on the screen

Sometimes, one or two words in a focused message is all you need to get the potential client attention.

Digital Signage has become, in the last few years, the most common way for businesses at any size to communicate with the clients and visitors in their place of business. The digital signage rapidly spread from the big businesses into the SMB in a matter of few years, especially due to the cloud revolution and also the reduction of prices for the digital signage components (big screens, and mostly digital signage players).

The digital signage replaced the old traditional signs. From aspects, […]

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Bulletin boards must be digital

As we all know the Digital Signage industry had clearly changed its face in the last 5 years, mainly since the Smart Devices have been started to be used as digital signage players and the social networks have become an integral part of any communication, on one’s PC, smartphone and also on the digital signs big screens.

The spectrum of contemporary digital signage solutions is quite wide, from Mama’s and Papa’s stores (the simplest solutions) through internal communication and infotainment up to the most complicated, rich in content, synchronized and robust solution for large retails or food chains. For some odd […]

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Content management system for screens

Content Management System for screens (also referred as CMS) is a fundamental part of digital signage. The CMS is the basic tool to create, schedule, broadcast and later on, manage (re-scheduling, monitoring, and even bill) the content presented on digital screens at any location, for almost any purpose.

The same way as the wider domain of digital signage evolved in the last decade or so, the Content Management System evolved as well – from a locally installed, heavy and over engineered ‘video editing’ tool, to light, cloud based, Software as a Service, widget based software tool.

The modern digital signage CMS is […]

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Indoor TV

Indoor TV is a sub component of the wider domain referred to as Digital Signage. Indoor TV is simply a screen, located in various places, from hospitals to office buildings, from corporate headquarters to business campuses and any other indoor location one may think of that has visitors/employees/clients. The Indoor TV used to show some atmosphere slides or videos, embedded with relevant location information. The content used to be the same for days, sometimes weeks.

The enormous revolution that went through the digital signage business as a whole – dramatic drop of screen prices, standardization and reduction of digital signage players […]

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