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Everything you need to run a digital sign at your school

A decade ago, the amount of effort, expense and expertise required to successfully operate a digital signage screen at school was beyond the scope of small educational facilities. Digital signage for education is now one of the most growing markets in the signage world.

So, what would one need to successfully install, manage and broadcast to a Digital Sign in a small educational institute?

I will divide the needs into phases. First would be the hardware setup. Second would be the software and content management setup, last would be the ongoing content building and digital signage management.

Hardware and prerequisites:

A screen. It […]

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Is SOC the ultimate solution for digital signage?

Can the question above be answered in a simple Yes or No? (I hope not, otherwise I won’t have a blog post to write…). Seriously speaking, I don’t think that in technology (and especially in digital signage platforms) we have an ultimate solution. Every project is different, every customer is different and surely, solutions differ due to needs, costs, demands, tastes, budget and other aspects.

However, the new SOC displays are really intriguing! SOC (System on Chip) is in many ways the revolution for display and screen in the same way that the disk-on-key changed the storage for the users – […]

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Put your Yammer on the walls

Yammer is the most successful social network for organizations. Most of the big and huge organizations are using Yammer and it is gradually spreading to medium size organizations. The ability to share ideas, activities, fun experience and even some funny ‘office gossip’ on a big screen, in a friendly platform that is not a simple mail, and still is an internal organization tool is found to be effective and popular.

One thing strikes me though… why should it be limited to one’s desktop/laptop screen, or at best to the smartphone? why can’t we use the Yammer social network to be proudly […]

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7 Digital Signage Software Features every business needs

Digital Signage Software has changed its face in the last half decade, adding rich, flexible and cost effective platforms for customers and businesses at almost any size. What used to be owned solely by the McDonald’s of the world, can be easily adopted by a by any small or medium business. One can argue that every business is different and it is actually almost impossible to find a common ground to all the variety of needs, but I do believe there is a significant commonality “Layer” that is a ‘must’ for any digital signage implementation.

Let’s start…

Simplicity of the CMS:
The world […]

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